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Continuïteit borgen

Is the continuity of your organization well secured?

Cybercrime, such as hacks and ransomware attacks, is all around us and is threatening the continuity of many organizations. Would you like to know how to protect your organization against threats? Please read on.

Securing continuity

People are working increasingly from home and using devices that are not controlled by your organization. Especially cloud applications outside the boundaries of the company network are popular. Moreover, in addition to employeesexternal parties, partners, customers and suppliers need access to company dataThese developments are making organizations vulnerable to data breaches and hacks, which can lead to a complete shutdown of an organizationFor that reason, it is very important to take the right measures to secure the continuity of your organization 


The probability of a hack is 1 in 8

These odds are extremely high, if you compare it to the risk of fire, which is in 8000. It is extremely disruptive if you can’t do your job because of a cyberattackEven more so if your company is held hostage and being blackmailed by malicious persons. This has huge (financial) consequences and leads to a high stress level 

This is why organizations should ask themselves:

  • Are we properly protected against a cyberattack?
  • How can we protect our organization against data breaches or ransomware attacks?
  • How can we go “back to business” as soon as possible after an incident or hack?
Digital Identity

Is digital identity key in your security?

Because we are working more and more outside the company network, it is important to have insight in how identities within your organization are using their rights. This makes digital identity leading in increasing your digital resilience and therefore the continuity of your organization. Some questions that organizations may be struggling with:

  • Is the person who logs in really the person he says he is?
  • Does this person only have access to items that are necessary for the performance of his duties?
  • Does the person use his access right normally or is his behavior abnormal?



If you do nothing

The risk of data breaches by hacks or incidents increases considerably if there is a lack of control or insight. Take, for instance, employees who are clicking on a malicious link or replying to a phishing mail. It isn’t a question of whether, but when your organization will have to deal with a hack or incident. Once inside, it is relatively easy for a person with malicious intent to find data that enable access to business-sensitive systems and data. And in case of a hack or incident, the longer your employees can’t do their jobs, the greater the damage.


How to protect your organization

Prevention is better than cure. The goal is to secure your organization’s continuity and to encourage working from home, but also keeping this manageable and safe. Insight in and therefore control over the identities and accounts within your organization will make your organization less vulnerable. If access control is properly organized and the riskiest accounts are identified and protected, the impact of a cyberattack will be a lot smaller and your organization will swiftly go back to business.  


How we can help you

The need to secure the continuity of your organization is clear. However, we know from experience that many organizations, both large and small, don’t really know how to do this. We support and relieve your organization, from fine-tuning your objectives to implementing solutions and providing the desired level of support.

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Success story

In conversation with NIBC

As a result of our IGA project, we have interviewed Steven Schulein, Head of Generic IT, in our Grabowsky Safe Zone. In the interview he will explain how he strengthened NIBC’s Identity & Access Management.


Do you want to boost your agility and resilience?

We would like to help you reach your goal by using the right Digital Identity strategy and suitable Identity & Access Management solutions for your employees, partners, suppliers and customers.