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Customer Identity and Access Management
Customer Identity and Access Management

Create an optimal customer journey with Customer Identity and Access Management  

Make sure your customers can access your (online) services in a user-friendly and secure way. On this page, you will discover how to do that. 

Customer satisfaction

Customers drop out due to friction

Customers do not only expect a personal approach, but also demand that they can arrange everything at the push of a button. However, cumbersome measures based on laws and regulations create additional actions that slow down and complicate the customer journey. The resulting friction can be a reason why your customers drop out and choose alternatives.  

CIAM enables your organization to use client data in a secure and user-friendly way to optimize your services.

Customer Identity and Acccess Management (CIAM) benefits

Create the optimal customer journey with CIAM

CIAM enables a seamless registration and login process that communicates your brand. And provides you with a unified customer view.


Integrate your various customer-focused channels  

CIAM integrates the various customer-facing channels, such as customer portals, websites and apps. This enables a seamless registration and login process that represents your brand.  

Comply with privacy laws and regulations  

CIAM helps your organization manage customer data properly, making you demonstrably compliant. For example, by allowing customers to modify their own consent regarding data sharing.  

Realize a personalized customer experience  

CIAM enables your organization to use information about your customers to achieve better service and a higher conversion rate 

Be sure that your customers are who they say they are  

As an organization, you always want to make sure that your customers really are who they say they are. CIAM reduces the risk of account abuse, by fraud detection and multi-factor authentication functionalities. 


Our CIAM approach

Based on our years of experience with CIAM implementationswe know that organizations, both large and small, don't really know where to start. Avoid reinventing the wheel yourself. As a company, you want to focus on your core business, but at the same time keep up with the latest trends. In close collaboration with our technology partner, we can support in this way:    


“With CIAM, the challenge is to recognize your customer as soon as possible in a reliable manner, without chasing them away to your competitors, so you can offer personalized services. IAM is more about security and access control.”

Martin Wildeman
Lead Customer Identity and Access Management

Our Customer Identity and Access Management team

Based on our years of experience with CIAM implementations, we know how to lead organizations to their goals.



Our technology partners  

We work with innovative parties who have proven themselves and are recognized by analysts, such as Gartner and Forrester, as leaders in their fieldIn the area of Customer Identity and Access Management, these are the following partners: 

Okta Logo Website

Okta is one of the leading partners with whom we collaborate in Customer Identity and Access Management. In 2021, Forrester named Okta Leader in “Identity as a Service for Enterprice Forrester Wave”, where Okta achieved the highest scores in de categories “Strategy” and “Current offering”. 


ForgeRock Logo Website

ForgeRock is one of our leading partners that we work with in the area of Customer Identity and Access Management. Grabowsky is a ForgeRock Accredited Delivery Partner. In 2020, ForgeRock was named a Leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Access Management.

Award winning team

We collaborate with leading partners in their industry to complete the Digital Identity roadmaps of organizations in a technologically optimal way. We have won the following awards, due to our innovative approach and large number of customers:


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Discover how CIAM can help your organization realize an optimal, personal and safe customer journey.