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Workforce Identity
Workforce Identity

Get control of identities through Workforce Identity

Make sure your employees, partners and suppliers, as well as 'things', can work securely, quickly and easily, wherever and whenever they want. On this page, you will discover how to do that. 

Digital transformation

Achieve digital transformation through Workforce Identity

As a result of rapid digital developments, there is an increasing emphasis on getting and staying in control. Just as in the physical world, you want to prevent unauthorized access to your business data in the digital world too. Whereas in the physical world there are relatively easy ways to secure business data, this is more difficult online. After all, you can't guarantee that your employees, partners and suppliers will change their passwords regularly, because this is perceived as unfriendly and “irritating”.

For all digital (internal and external) identities to work together in a smart way, they need access to business data at any time and from any location. But as an organization, how do you maintain control and an overview of who has access and under what conditions? After all, the agility required for digital transformation should not have a negative effect on organizational resilience. We help you to organize this properly, by means of our Identity Governance and Administration and Access Management solutions.


Identity Governance & Administration (IGA) benefits

Get control of identities with Identity Governance and Administration

Who works for your organization and what access do they have? This may sound like a simple question, but being able to answer it can be complex when an organization is dealing with hundreds of employees and applications.


Gain insight into the identities within your organization and comply with laws and regulations

IGA gives you one central overview of the identities within your organization, what they need to access, and which accounts they use. This allows you to demonstrate more efficiently and effectively that you comply with laws and regulations.

Reduce risks of digital crime, from inside and outside the organization

By having insight into the identities and their access, you reduce the impact of cybercrime and get "back to business" faster.

Save time and money by automation

Automate manual and error-prone processes, such as assigning permissions. If your staff spends less time on access management, costs are reduced, and your personnel has more time for other tasks, such as digital innovation.

Assign rights in a fast and efficient way

By assigning rights to roles, you know exactly what someone needs to be able to do his job. As a result, rights can be automatically granted and revoked. This ensures that your employees receive the necessary rights in a fast and efficient manner, making them fully productive.


Access Management (AM) benefits

Granting fast and secure access to identities with Access Management

How do you make sure everyone has the right access to do their jobs properly? A challenging question because most organizations have a multitude of applications that their employees, partners and suppliers can access at any time and from any location.

Ensure that your users have secure and easy access, whenever and wherever they want to

Access Management provides ease of use while allowing you to determine, based on risks, what additional steps a user needs to take in order to log in.

Reduce risks of unauthorized access

Enhance your digital resilience with functionalities such as Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) and Risk-Based Access.

Simplify the management process.

Access Management enables you to monitor, by means of reports, who has been logged in at what time and which applications have been used. This simplifies the management process and therefore the workload.

Increase ease of use

Access Management gives login pages on all devices a uniform look and this improves the user experience. Functionalities such as Single-Sign On (SSO) also ensure that users do not have to log in as often.


Our Workforce Identity approach

Based on our years of experience with Identity Governance and Administration and Access Management, we know that a project will only be successful and deliver business value if the project is not only approached as a technical implementation, but if incorporating the solution into the organization is also part of the project. We achieve this as follows, in close collaboration with our technology partner.

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Our Workforce Identity Team

Based on our many years of experience with Identity Governance and Administration and Access Management, we know how to lead organizations towards their goals.


Our technologpartners  

We work with innovative partners who have proven themselves and are recognized by analysts, such as Gartner and KuppingerCole, as leaders in their fieldIn the area of Workforce Identity, these are the following parties: 


One Identity is one of our leading partners that we work with. One Identity Manager enables your organization to meet compliance requirements, mitigate risk, control access for all employees, while improving employee security and productivity, now and in the future.


With SailPoint's industry-leading technology, your own IT organization is unburdened and you achieve many benefits through the high degree of standardization and the use of best practices. With SailPoint IdentityNow you maximize the productivity of your employees and you monitor access and risks within your organization using AI.

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Okta technology helps organizations ensure the right digital identities have the right access to the right resources. With Okta's cloud solution, you can get started quickly and effectively, without long implementation processes and a large management burden, to make your organization more resilient and agile.



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With ForgeRock technology, you gain insight into the identities within your organization and you comply with laws and regulations. By automating manual and error-prone processes, such as assigning rights and joiner-, mover- and leaver processes, costs are also reduced and your employees have more time for other tasks.

Award winning company

We collaborate with leading partners in their industry to complete the Digital Identity roadmaps of organizations in a technologically optimal way. We have won the following awards, due to our innovative approach and large number of customers:


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