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Privileged Access Management
Privileged Access Management

Secure the safe use of your privileged accounts with Privileged Access Management  

Protect access to your business-critical systems and reduce the likelihood of incidents. On this page, you will discover how to do that. 


Criminals seize the opportunity 

The odds of a hack are 1 in 8. This probability is extremely high compared to the likelihood of a fire, which is 1 in 8000. It is now no longer a question of if, but when your organization will have to deal with an incident. This can have major consequences. Just think of the impact if your services are down for a day. Or even worse, if they are down for a week.

Working from home on a large scale and further digitization are placing increasingly high demands on the availability and security of your IT services. Privileged accounts should not be overlooked in this regard. Malicious parties primarily target accounts that have access to business-critical information in systems. By taking security measures, you will ensure that these accounts are protected and that the continuity of your services is and remains guaranteed.

Privileged Access Management (PAM) benefits

Reduce the risk and impact of incidents

Due to massive working from home and further digitilazation, increasing demands are placed on the availability and security of your IT-services. Privileged accounts should not be overlooked.


Reduce the risk of incidents, such as cyber attacks

By using proven measures for access and use of privileged accounts.

Reduce the impact of cybercrime and get "back to business" quickly

By applying layered security and protecting access to business-critical systems. It is still possible that your organization is attacked, and an attack can still be successful. But if a hacker can’t use privileged accounts, the impact will be much smaller.

Ensure compliance with laws and regulations

Actions of privileged accounts are automatically monitored.

Increase business efficiency

Manual, time-consuming and error-prone actions by security teams are eliminated.


How we approach Privileged Access Management

Our partnership is always focused on the long term. Over 95% of the customers where we have implemented PAM are still customers.


"For the Municipality of Utrecht, securing Privileged Accounts is of great importance. The Managed Service proposition of Grabowsky ensured us access to sufficient knowledge and sufficient experience when we need it."

Our Privileged Access Management Team

Currently we have successfully implemented PAM at 23 customers, 7 of which in a managed service solution.



Our technology partners  

We work with innovative partners who have proven themselves and are recognized by analysts, such as Gartner and Forrester, as leaders in their field. In the area of Privileged Access Management, these are the following partners:


CyberArk is a true pioneer in the field of Privileged Access Management, and was named leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant on Privileged Access Management. CyberArk offers a broad spectrum of capabilities to protect privileged accounts, login credentials and business secrets, for both people and machines, regardless of whether they are in the cloud, on-premise or in hybrid environments.


One Identity, one of the leading partners with whom we collaborate, was named a leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant on Privileged Access Management. One Identity Safeguard is an integrated solution that combines a secure password vault with session management and monitoring solution, and threat detection and analysis. Privileged accounts are securely stored, managed, recorded and analyzed.  

Award winning teams

We collaborate with leading partners in their industry to complete the Digital Identity roadmaps of organizations in a technologically optimal way. We have won the following awards, due to our innovative approach and large number of customers:


Want to know more about the value of Privileged Access Management?

Discover how you can protect access to business-critical systems in your organization. Want to have a conversation with us?